UC mini is a tiny sized browsing software which comes with all the features and functions of UC Browser and is considered as one of the most fluent and smoother than ever browsing app which is used by millions of people worldwide. One of the best and amazing part of this Mini sized browsing app is that it is available for the users of Android and other operating systems absolutely free of charge and one can easily and instantly get it installed in their concerned device in just a single click from This site which is also a mini sized browser store from where you can download any of your favourite app, game, ringtone and wallpapers on the go.

App Name UC Mini app
Version 2018
File size 4.8MB
Developer UCWeb.com
Downloads 15,00,000

UC mini for Android, Download UC browser mini Apk

Best Features of UC mini browser :

  1. This amazing browser enable the users to operate it with single hand thumb and do all the operation easily and instantly without any sort of hassle.
  2. Offline download feature is also provided in the app so the users can easily save the multimedia content which they like the most in order to view it in the offline mode without having Internet connection.
  3. Adblock facility is given to the users so they can block the annoying and which unnecessarily cover the screen of their device and create the hurdles in watching the content like videos, movies and more.
  4. Data saving feature is also enabled in the app to the users can save a lot of their data and will not waste the net which makes it one of the most efficient app ever.
  5. The users can also give up protection to their eyes in weak light environment like in dark or at night with the help of night mode facility which prevent prevent the straining to the eyes of users while browsing the web or surfing the net.
  6. This app also comes with multilingual support which is exclusively designed in order to fulfill the needs of users who belongs to different regions and different countries and are using different languages.

UC mini download 2018 latest version For android:

UC mini is a mini sized browsing software which is today used by almost all the users of smartphones and desktop in order to browse the web and surf the net fastly, smoothly and conveniently. As you all know that browsing apps are the need of today and each and every user is required to choose an apt app for the said purpose so he can enjoy the web browsing and net surfing experience to the great extent and also in the best possible way. This is the reason why there are so many browsing apps are available in the market but still UC mini is the choice of millions of people all around the world as it comes in a very tiny package which let the users download it in just few seconds and also consumes very less storage space in your concerned device which will help you to save other documents and files in your device with great ease.

New Best feature of UC mini browser in the year of 2018 :

  1. It is a lightweight browsing software which is designed specially and exclusively for those users who have less storage capacity in their device and wants to browse the web fastly and speedly.
  2. This app is fully customized which allow the user to customize each and everything so that the users can design their own home page and also performed several other tasks.
  3. Today, this mini sized browsing app is considered as the fastest browser available in the market because it not only consumes less storage capacity but also works very smoothly in the android devices and works as a full-fledged browsing app despite of coming in such a small package.
  4. Due to its tiny size, the users can install it in just a blink of an eye and save the memory of their concerned device because mini sized app help the users to browse the web and surf the net easily and instantly.

UC Mini and UC Browser for PC, windows 10, 7,8, XP :

UC mini and UC browser is a browsing Apk app which is designed and developed by Chinese UCweb company known as Alibaba. The Alibaba group has developed many apps of browsing and news including UC Browser, UC Mini Browser, UC news and more but UC browser is considered as one of the widely used and top rated app worldwide due to its amazing features and great functions. Today this amazing web browser is used not only in the smartphone or android devices but also in PC because it provides speedy and Secure surfing and browsing experience to its registered users and also enabled them to try the best experience of browsing the web, Surfing the net or downloading their favourite videos or files easily and instantly on the go.

The updated version of UC Browser enable the users of PC to avail its smoother and better than ever features which get updated in the year 2018, just have a look on the points mentioned below to get a better understanding on the same-

  1. It has a night mode feature which allow the users to browse the web comfortably and conveniently in the dark or at night by dimming the brightness of the screen in order to prevent this training in the eyes of the users.
  2. By switching to the data saving feature of UC Browser, the PC users can save loads of data while browsing or surfing.
  3. The recent update in 2018 also made some amelioration in the settings so as to provide the users the experience of great ease and comfort.
  4. The users are even allowed to switch on the full screen mode to get a complete and detailed overview of the screen on their PC.
  5. One is even allowed to share the multimedia content of his toys on the social sites like Facebook, Twitter, email, SMS and more in the super easy manner.

UC mini free app APK download-

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