Zoner Photo Studio 17 to edit and manage your ...

Zoner Photo Studio 17 to edit and manage your …

February 19, 2015

Zoner Photo Studio 17Zoner introduces its photographic software Zoner Photo Studio 17 in the Spanish version to the market. In the media and among users, the full photo editing and image management program is often seen as the future alternative to Lightroom. Version 17, followed by versions in English, German and other languages, now also arrives in Spanish.

After versions 9 and 15, the current version of the program in Spanish, Zoner Photo Studio 17, is also located, which offers new and improved tools for working with photography.

Zoner Pohoto Studio helps photographers with everything from downloading images to a computer, to printing or sharing photos. Classification tools such as rating, color labels or keywords allow you to organize your photo archive and in the Editor you can modify your photos to perfection. You can also take advantage of the extensive capabilities of the RAW module to process raw images, still improved from version 17.

Among the products of Zoner, Inc. in Spanish you will also find the unlimited web gallery Zonerama or the mobile application Zoner Photo Studio for Android and Zoner Postcards. “With the Spanish version of ZPS 17 we try to satisfy the interest of existing customers who use the older Spanish version or the program in its English version”, says Jaroslav Kucek, CEO of Zoner, Inc.

Zoner Photo Studio 17The biggest novelty since version 15 are the tools that facilitate the management and viewing of photos, especially the redesigned catalog that speeds up work with photos and searches in it, as well as the new evaluation system with asterisks or the possibility of massive insertion of metadata for several images at the same time.

The Editor to modify the photos offers as a novelty a transitional exposure filter with Cartoon effect and other tools. Important changes also presents the RAW module, thanks to it you can now get much more out of your images, for example, through automatic adjustments or correction of optical defects using LCP profiles.

In every home, where multiple computers, tablets or smart TVs are used, sharing at home will be appreciated. Now you can not only view photos on your computer, where the images are stored, but also on televisions that have the DLNA function, on tablets or phones with the Zoner Photo Studio application for Android, and on other computers connected to the home network.

We offer the new Zoner Photo Studio 17 license for € 79 and owners of previous versions will pay for the upgrade only € 39. The extension of the license to be able to use the software throughout the house will also cost € 39.

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