Zenwatch is Asus' new smartwatch with A ...

Zenwatch is Asus’ new smartwatch with A …

September 3, 2014

Asus bets on noble materials for its entry into the watch market. The dial of the Asus Zenwatch is made of stainless steel. The basic strap is leather, pro can be exchanged for others. As expected, it’s an Android Wear watch, but Asus has integrated some cool tricks of its own. To silence notifications, for example, just cover the smartwatch screen.

Integration with the smartphone goes further. The watch automatically unlocks the mobile screen and, by tapping the screen twice, makes the smartphone associated with it ring if it cannot be found at home. It also offers control over presentation software, and a remote camera application with which we can see on the smartwatch what the phone’s camera captures. Asus hasn’t specified how all of these features work, although our bet is that they do so through a synced app.

via Asus Zenwatch, a smartwatch with many tricks up its sleeve for € 199.

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