YouTube already allows live streaming with Chrom ...

YouTube already allows live streaming with Chrom …

April 20, 2014

ChromecastThis update to the Google video platform began to be distributed yesterday among smartphone users, so it will already be available if you have not downloaded it yet. One of the novelties it brings is the possibility of enjoying live streaming on our TV, an option that until now was only available from the web browser or by connecting the PC to the TV, of course.

Until now, using Chromecast it was only possible to access the content of the platform on television, but it was not possible to follow the broadcasts that the web makes live, actions that YouTube carries out with increasing assiduity. It is common, for example, to be able to follow award ceremonies, concerts and certain sporting events, the latter especially in the United States. It also seems that the platform’s strategy is advancing in this regard, so that more and more content will be able to see broadcast live.

via YouTube already allows live streaming with Chromecast.

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