Young Venezuelans have 541 Action Centers …

August 21, 2014

In the state of Mérida, 110 Bolivarian Centers for Informatics and Telematics (CBIT) have been enabled to update the contents of the Canaimitas, thus providing a better service to young students

“With the opening of these centers we give support to the community and prevent young people from traveling with the team to update their content,” said Ramón Araujo, coordinator of the Bolivarian Foundation for Informatics and Telematics in the state of Mérida.

This Andean state has the highest number of authorized CBITs. In second place is Táchira with 40 and in third place is Portuguesa with 35 centers. In total, the Ministry for Education has enabled 541 CBIT, throughout the national territory.


Araujo reported that since the beginning of 2014, days have been organized to update content by grade and section to bring order in educational institutions. Reports were also raised of those Canaima computers that needed to be replaced, either due to theft or hardware failures, reported a press release from the educational office.

These updates are carried out by computer and telematics specialists, as well as representatives of the Compañía Anónima Nacional Telefonos de Venezuela (Cantv), who together have the task of keeping in perfect condition the more than 3,400,000 Canaimitas that the Bolivarian Government has delivered to Venezuelan students.

via Young Venezuelans have 541 Canaima Laptop Update Centers.

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