You no longer have to learn Mandarin to order com ...

You no longer have to learn Mandarin to order com …

April 3, 2014 is a portal 100% made in Venezuela that concentrates in a single site all the offer of restaurants that offer food by delivery that arrives at your home or office.

Listen to the interview with Gustavo E. Patiño Lugo, president of in turn is an e-commerce by offering various means of payment to users (TDC, cash and even shopping carts) also offering a free service for customers who decide to place their orders through our website.

  • Explanation of how it works (a customer’s vision)
  • Explanation of how it works (vision of a restaurant)

img-food-4With two years in the market, already with about eighty restaurants that cover the Capital city, Valencia, Maracay, Barquisimeto and Guarenas-Guatire, Los Teques and Altos Mirandinos and Maracaibo, on the other hand the growth and acceptance of the public in general, they promote the modernization of delivery in Venezuela with high quality standards.

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