Yamaha soundbar for large TVs

Yamaha soundbar for large TVs

March 25, 2014

Yamaha YAS-152

The Yamaha YAS-152 is a new sound bar that, due to its size (it measures 1.2 meters wide), can perfectly complete any flat screen TV with a large screen diagonal. Goes well with 55-, 60- or larger-inch televisions. In all cases, you’ll enhance your home theater listening experience with an easy-to-install solution. It supports wall mounting, but is also equipped with height-adjustable feet to place it on top of the TV table. Still, even with your feet on, it has a low profile, with a maximum height of 10.8 centimeters. The feet are removable. There is no problem to place it in front of the screen, because it incorporates a repeater for the remote control signal of the television.

It is not only designed to enjoy home theater. Enjoy music from various sources. One of the most interesting features is the ability to listen to songs from a smartphone or tablet wirelessly via Bluetooth. Bluetooth belongs to version 2.1 which is compatible with EDR and A2DP profiles. The patch panel is installed in the center of the rear. It has one optical digital audio input, one coaxial digital audio input, two analog audio inputs, and one subwoofer output.

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