Yahoo buys Bookpad Indian startup specializing in ...

Yahoo buys Bookpad Indian startup specializing in …

September 23, 2014

Yahoo has just officially confirmed this acquisition of which the amount has not been specified although the insistent rumors that pointed in the direction of this operation handled a figure of around 8.3 million dollars.

Now Bookpad will move from India to Silicon Valley where it will continue to maintain its activity, gradually integrating itself into the Yahoo ecosystem. This platform has become popular for Docspad, a tool that allows you to edit, share and view content online by integrating applications and services that allow you to integrate documents and annotations in real time. It supports a wide range of document types including Word, Powerpoint, Excel, PDF, ePub … as well as different graphic file formats.

via Yahoo buys Bookpad, an Indian startup specializing in online document editing – The Inquirer ES.

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