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Xperia Z2 worked after being 6 weeks in the background …

August 12, 2014

One of the latest trends in mobile devices has been the inclusion of water resistance in the high range.

It turns out that Alexander Maxén, owner of Xperia Z2, was water skiing in the sea when his phone fell into the water, and since the depth of that area was about 10 meters he was not able to reach it, due to pressure and lack of visibility.

And there the surprise began, the Xperia Z2 received calls. And I say surprise because according to Sony it has IP58 certification, which is valid to withstand 30 minutes with 1.5 meters of depth, without that water being salty, as it was at the scene.

After six weeks, a diver friend set out to help Alexander, and he was finally able to retrieve the phone, which is well within the norm. As we see in the photos, the Xperia Z2 only had a large damage, the rear panel broken. Since the battery was completely discharged, they had to put it to charge, and by doing so they were able to verify that the charging LED was working properly. Later, it turned on normally and could make calls and take pictures.

via Sony Xperia Z2 remains functional for 6 weeks at the bottom of the sea.

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