Xim is Microso's photo sharing app ...

Xim is Microso’s photo sharing app …

October 31, 2014

Microsoft Research introduced Xim, a new application for sharing photos between smartphones. This started with versions for the three main systems, but was initially restricted to the United States. As of today, Microsoft Xim is accessible from almost any country in the world, including Spain.

Microsoft Xim allows you to create private groups called ‘xims’ from which to share photo presentations with our contacts. The ‘xim’ can be seen without the need for the application, but from it we can control at all times the image that the group members are seeing, as well as add others or make comments.

To use Microsoft Xim we will need to register with our phone number, using a confirmation code that we will receive via SMS or phone call.

via Xim, Microsoft Research’s photo sharing app is now available worldwide.

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