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March 20, 2020

Xiaomi Corp has entered into a global strategic partnership with Firework, a short video network platform based in Silicon Valley. Firework is one of the fastest growing short and interactive video platforms on mobile devices. It works in the same way as TikTok, allowing its users to find, create and share 30-second home videos.

The partnership is not just about having the free app on board Xiaomi phones. It will also allow Mi users to gain access to Firework’s Reveal technology. The technology allows videos to have a horizontal, vertical and 360-degree point of view. Also, Firework’s 36-second short story videos will now be available on Xiaomi smartphones.

According to reports

Firework will work with local creators in India, Russia and Indonesia to give Mi users the opportunity to explore their content in local languages. Firework says its content is optimized through a multi-layered process. It includes artificial intelligence and human intervention in an attempt to ensure that the content is safe and unwanted for users.

According to Wang Dong, Deputy General Manager, 4th Internet Department of Xiaomi Corporation:

The company was delighted to partner with Firework on My Videos. The company’s goal is “Offering premium quality curated videos to our users and Firework adds great value to that.” «Firework is a global and responsible brand. It offers us a video ecosystem that is secure and offers an enriching experience for our users »added.

Sudarshan Kadam, Head of Alliances and Growth for Firework in India, added the company’s philosophy of offering “brand safe content.” The company says it will ensure that the alliance benefits the entire short video ecosystem on its platform.

Some might wonder why Xiaomi, a Chinese company, chose to partner with the American company instead of its Chinese partner, TikTok. The reasons are not difficult to decipher. Xiaomi is looking to build a global brand and currently, TikTok is concerned about privacy concerns in the west. Xiaomi will not want to be trapped on that website. The partnership with Firework is strategic, given its clean reputation and Xiaomi’s large user base that continues to grow in India and Europe.

Source: Xiaomi partners with Firework to provide access to short videos on Mi phones – Gizmochina

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