Xiaomi will invest a billion dollars in content ...

Xiaomi will invest a billion dollars in content …

November 4, 2014

Xiaomi’s expansion plans not only include its international arrival, but also offering devices beyond smartphones. For more than a year Xiaomi has had smartTVs. The idea of ​​the Chinese company is to offer a whole ecosystem of interconnected hardware thanks to its MIUI operating system, based on Android.

As part of its development to integrate into the smartTV market in China, Xiaomi has announced on Weibo that it will invest $ 1 billion in video content. Those in charge of this content will be Wang Chuan, director of Xiaomi’s smartTV division, and Chen Tong, former editor-in-chief of news at Sina.com.

China is already the first country in sales and consumption of SmartTVs, and in fact Xiaomi is not alone in its quest to take over this juicy market.

via Xiaomi will invest 1,000 million in content for its smartTVs.

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