Xiaomi presents short-range laser projector with ...

Xiaomi presents short-range laser projector with …

June 28, 2017

Xiaomi has included a new device in its catalog that we have never seen before. It is a projector, but not just any one, since the Mi Laser Projector is a unit with laser technology that promises to offer the same quality of the professional studio models. It does this with a DLP chip from Texas Instruments and optoelectronic technology from AppTronics, a combination that promises the best image quality.

The brightness goes up to 5,000 lumens, and four powerful speakers with Dolby and DTS technology will cover the sound aspect in the case of not having external speakers. A very interesting detail is that the unit includes a Mi TV inside, so the projector becomes a portable multimedia station in seconds.

It will be 9,999 Chinese yuan (about 1,300 euros to change) that you will have to drop for the projector, a figure that is placed as the highest in the Xiaomi catalog, but which is surprising if we take into account that other similar models on the market reach up to the 10,000 euros.

Source: XIaomi unveiled a short-throw laser projector with an unbeatable price – Engadget

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