Xiaomi presents iHealth products in a show of o ...

Xiaomi presents iHealth products in a show of o …

September 28, 2014

The dock will be available for 199 Chinese yuan (approximately $ 33) and will be accompanied by its own smartphone application as indicated in the MIUI forum. Together, they can check our blood pressure (including systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure) and our heart rate. The dock includes the bracelet like the usual blood pressure monitors, only that the phone app will be in charge of executing the operations and saving your history or monitoring.

Xiaomi has decided to invest in the American health products company iHealth Labs instead of creating its own division for it. Maybe the name had something to do with it. The device will not leave China at the moment and will have all the necessary medical certifications, in addition, the user will be able to share the results with friends, family and even their doctor.

iHealth Labs has released several wireless devices related to health and that can currently be purchased at the Apple Store, so the maneuver is a bit surprising.

via Xiaomi presents iHealth products in a display of originality.

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