Xiaomi apologizes for accessing user data s ...

Xiaomi apologizes for accessing user data s …

August 12, 2014

Last week the renowned expert and head of security at the F-Secure company, Mikko Hypponen, denounced that he had found evidence that the popular Mi cell phones of the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi sent information about the device – such as phone numbers, SMS messages and IMEI – behind its users’ backs to servers found in China.

Faced with Hypponen’s complaint, Xiaomi gave his explanations through the vice president of Xiaomi Global, the former head of Android at Google, Hugo Barra, who through publications on Google+ explained the situation, pointing out that it was due to the Messaging service In the MIUI Cloud, the one that backs up all the information on servers, was incorrectly enabled by default on new devices, so they would perform an update to disable the preconfigured option

via Xiaomi responds to accusations by F-Secure about the security flaw of Mi – Wayerless cell phones.

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