Xerox fights the pirate consumables market

Xerox fights the pirate consumables market

August 11, 2014

Xerox has recently supported actions around the world to protect customers from the potential purchase of counterfeit products and supplies, which unwittingly cause equipment damage, poor quality results and high costs.

According to The Imaging Supplies Coalition, the estimated global impact of counterfeits is between $ 3.5 billion and $ 5 billion annually. This industry is a common target of counterfeit dealers because “fake” toners are often very difficult to identify until used, and are not always thoroughly reviewed by consumers. In addition, the use of counterfeit supplies leads to the invalidation of the equipment warranty and poor and inconsistent print quality.

Xerox’s efforts to prevent counterfeiting include:

  • The seizure of more than 1,500 boxes of toner cartridges that looked like authentic Xerox products from Zhuhai Warmth Electronic, a manufacturer in China. A cease and desist action prohibits the company from using fake packaging. Furthermore, an identical action was carried out against Zhuhai Supricolor Image in China, which is linked to Zhuhai Warmth.
  • Two raids organized in Brazil, including one in Maringa where OEMs seized more than 1,000 boxes of counterfeit Xerox-branded toner cartridges and authentication labels. In Londrina, Xerox, along with other original equipment manufacturers, obtained more than 1,800 boxes of counterfeit Xerox products, including security labels and product identification materials.
  • Confiscation in Turkey of almost 1,000 boxes of counterfeit Xerox products.

Xerox has assembled a global team dedicated to brand protection, business security and legal aspects to combat counterfeiting activities. The company also cooperates with other OEMs, along with local law enforcement and tax agencies.

Customers can avoid problems with counterfeit products and supplies by purchasing directly from Xerox or its network of authorized dealers. Another measure is to search for authentication tags to verify their origin. For example, those on Xerox products include holographic security.

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