World's most famous ringtone "The Nokia Waltz" cel ...

World’s most famous ringtone “The Nokia Waltz” cel …

April 8, 2014

nokia 1994In 1994, when mobile phone equipment was very different from today, a unique tune became synonymous with a call. The Nokia 2110 ringtone, known as “The Nokia Waltz” celebrates 20 years since its launch.

As The Telegraph recalls; the ringtone, whose real name is the Great Waltz, was composed by the Spanish Francisco Tárrega in 1904 and later adapted in the 90’s to be used by the Finnish company in their teams.

“The Nokia waltz” has been played on Nokia mobiles up to 2 billion times a day, almost 20 thousand per second and was the brand’s slogan for several years, so despite its “age” it is still available. on the brand’s most modern smartphones.

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