World Center against Cyber ​​Crime inaugurated ...

World Center against Cyber ​​Crime inaugurated …

May 19, 2014

vulnerabilitiesMicrosoft announced the launch of the Cybercrime Center, a center of excellence located on its campus in Redmond, Washington, United States, to strengthen the fight against cybercrime.

The Cybercrime Center brings together Microsoft’s legal and technical expertise, as well as its innovative tools and technologies, with experience from multiple industries, marking a new era in effectively combating Internet crime.

Every year, crime represents a personal and financial cost for millions of consumers around the world. The Cybercrime Center will combat online crime related to malware, botnets, theft of intellectual property and the exploitation of minors through technology.

The work carried out at the Cybercrime Center will help ensure that people in all parts of the world can use its computing devices and services with confidence.

“The Microsoft Cybercrime Center is the place where our experts collaborate with clients and partners to focus on a single mission: to keep people protected when they surf the Internet,” commented Andrés Rengifo, Director for Latin America of the Unit Cybercrime and Microsoft Intellectual Property Matters. “By combining sophisticated tools and technology with the right skills and new perspectives, we can make the Internet safer for everyone,” he added.

The international reach of the Cybercrime Center will be expanded through 12 satellite offices or regional laboratories in various cities around the world, such as Beijing, Berlin, Bogotá, Brussels, Dublin, Edinboro (USA), Gurgaon (India), Hong Kong, Munich, Singapore, Sydney and Washington, DC.

Offices located in these locations will enable Microsoft to better identify and analyze malware and IP infringement situations, as well as share best practices against cybercrime with customers and industry partners globally.

The center houses innovative Microsoft technologies that allow the team to view and identify global cyber threats in real time, including SitePrint, which enables the mapping of organized crime networks online; PhotoDNA, a leading technology to combat child pornography; cyber forensics, a new investigative capability that detects global cyber crime acts, such as fraud and identity theft; and cyber threat intelligence, obtained through Microsoft’s botnet destruction operations.

The Cybercrime Center also includes a separate and secure place for partners, which will allow cybersecurity experts from around the world to work with Microsoft experts for an indefinite period of time.

This space enriches alliances with industry, academia, law enforcement agencies and clients, all important allies in the fight against cybercrime. With nearly 100 lawyers, investigators, technology experts, and forensic analysts from around the world, the Microsoft Cybercrime Center is well equipped to improve the online safety of people around the world.

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