Work plan for Canaima GNU / Li projects discussed ...

Work plan for Canaima GNU / Li projects discussed …

December 3, 2014

The meeting that takes place in the spaces of the Foundation Institute for Advanced Studies (Idea), has the participation of activists from the National Free Software Community, the team of technicians and developers of the Canaima project, university students, computer science directors of the Public Administration (AP), in addition to public servants and servants

This Tuesday, December 2, the Canaima Conference and the 1st Canaima Educational Technical Meeting began, an event organized by the Ministry of Popular Power for University Education, Science and Technology (Mppeuct) through its affiliated entity the National Center for Information Technologies (CNTI ), with the aim of integrating the actors of the Public Power and Popular Power related to these projects, to generate a work plan aimed at their re-impetus and strengthening during the year 2015.

Jhon Monrroy, president of the CNTI, assured that, “it is a task that sounds simple, but it is not so easy to build. We must improve Canaima, as a project, as an initiative. What is intended today is to collect all the recommendations to put together our work plan in order to organize ourselves and create a more robust platform that strengthens the whole issue of the development of Free Information Technologies (IT) for the use of entities and also for the Canaima Educativo project ”.

During the presentation, Monrroy addressed topics such as: the scope of the event, what is Canaima, the vision of the project and the challenges for 2015; In this particular, he highlighted that it is planned to develop a first version of Canaima aimed at the user of the Public Administration. Another challenge is to test and rectify the correct operation of the national Free IT system based on the application of the proposals obtained at the event.

The participants raised their concerns associated with the topic of Free IT and made some proposals such as inviting universities to become more interested in research and adoption of Canaima GNU / Linux, awakening the interest of users in the system of Venezuelan operation Canaima as a tool to guarantee the computer security of the State, incorporate the university community in the development of the next version of Canaima GNU / Linux, advance in the implementation of the Infogvernment Law.

In the afternoon session, three working groups were formed called: Public Power, Popular Power and Canaima Educativo. In that of the Public Power, the needs, functions and utility demanded by the end users of the AP of the Canaima GNU / Linux operating system will be raised.

At the People’s Power table, made up of Free Software activists, the Canaima community and university students, it is intended to develop the new production system that the Canaima project will address. While at the Canaima Educativo Table, the 1st Canaima Educativo Technical Meeting takes place with the aim of socializing processes to generate transformative proposals related to the technological platform for the generation of educational content.

The panel of the event was made up of the president of the CNTI; Mariana Ojeda, coordinator of the Content Generation room of the Curriculum Directorate of the Ministry of Popular Power for Education (Mppe); Héctor Colina, Canaima GNU / Linux community representative and María Antonieta Ruiz, general director of the National Information Technology Commission (Conati).

Katherine Di Felice / ÉH

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