With Parrot Teleprompter you will be able to make «news ca ...

With Parrot Teleprompter you will be able to make «news ca …

December 20, 2014

With Parrot Teleprompter you can do

Taking into account that it is an accessory that measures 100x100x80 millimeters and weighs 120 grams, it is an affordable option to take anywhere with us. By default it comes with an adapter to use it with 77mm lenses but its creator offers us more options.

The mirror offers 70% light transmission and comes with a special coating to protect it from scratches. Its creator seeks funding through Kickstarter and the goal is to reach $ 30,000 within a month. The price for first buyers is $ 90 and the final model will be priced at $ 100. The first units will reach their recipients in May next year.

At the moment there will be no official application and its creator encourages us to investigate in the application store of our platform although he claims that they are working on it.

via If you record yourself on video and don’t remember the script, the Parrot Teleprompter is your accessory.

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