With 3d.city you can now play the original SimCity in ...

With 3d.city you can now play the original SimCity in …

December 2, 2014

On January 10, 2008 the source code of the original game was released under a GPL 3 license under the name “Micropolis” which was the title they used while developing the game more than 20 years ago.

Well, thanks to the code release, a developer managed to port Micropolis to JavaScript and HTML5, and hosted the project on GitHub under the name micropolisJS. Using that project as the basis for the simulator, another ingenious character has launched 3d.city, a complete simulator to build cities directly from your browser, and of course for free.

All you need to do is open the address lo-th.github.io/3d.city/ in any modern web browser and start playing. You can define the height of the map and the difficulty. Of course, you have to put the music on. The game also lets you save your maps, although it does have some delay to do so and it can be somewhat frustrating at times when it is unresponsive despite clicking 20 times in a row.

via 3d.city, a javascript port of SimCity to play in the browser.

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