Windows App Store Scams A ...

Windows App Store Scams A …

August 20, 2014

A study by How To Geek on Microsoft’s official application store for its Windows 8 operating system, the Windows Store, has concluded that users, faced with it, find themselves with a “bottomless pit full of scams”.

The application stores of the different operating systems, whether desktop or mobile, include a percentage of fraudulent applications that, depending on the application of different security systems of the companies under their charge and, above all, the criteria of ” evaluation of applications or programs ”, take a greater or lesser presence. In the case of Windows Store, the official application and program store for Windows 8, How To Geek has ruled that the presence of malicious software is really high. In addition, as they point out, since the launch of the Windows 8 operating system the problem has grown and “in its attempt, if any, to offer a secure store, Microsoft has failed.”

via Windows app store scams, a situation fueled by Microsoft.

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