Windows 9 would arrive in April 2015

Windows 9 would arrive in April 2015

January 14, 2014


Everything indicates that they will abandon the 8.x nomenclature, from which, in turn, it follows that the replacement for Windows 8.1 will not be a mere update, but a version that will introduce important changes. Which and how many exactly is not at all clear yet, but two that are being considered are the return of the Start menu and the implementation of improvements that will allow the OS to run “Metro-style” applications on the desktop along with desktop applications “from all over the world. lifetime”.

Although they come from reliable sources, for now, all this is still rumors, so you have to be cautious. In April we will be able to confirm if they were right or not, and, if they were, it would also be confirmed that Windows 8 and its 8.1 update are not working well

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