Windows 10 will be a free update so ...

Windows 10 will be a free update so …

January 21, 2015

Windows 10

Microsoft introduced a new generation of Windows, with a wide range of experiences designed to usher in a new era of more personal computing, as well as two new devices designed to extend the Windows experience from large screens to no screens. . Windows 10 will be delivered as a service that offers a more secure, innovative, and up-to-date experience for the life of the device. Customers using Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows Phone 8.1 and upgrading within the first year will have a free upgrade1 to Windows 10 available.

“Windows 10 ushers in the era of more personal computing in a world dominated primarily by mobile devices and the cloud,” said Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft.

“Our goal is for the 1.5 billion people who currently use Windows to fall in love with Windows 10 and for billions of other people to choose to choose Windows for their home.”

Windows 10: Make Computing More Personal

Windows 10 ushers in the era of more personal computing, where technology disappears and people take center stage. In this age, experience mobility is important, not device mobility, and experiences must work intuitively and efficiently across devices. People must be able to interact naturally with technology, just as they interact with other people: with voice, gestures and eyes. Protecting privacy plays a critical role in delivering trustworthy experiences that allow people to control their experience.

Last Wednesday, Microsoft presented several new features that will be available in Windows 10, including the following:

Cortana joins the PC and tablet. The Cortana personal digital assistant that first appeared on Windows Phone last year will now be available on Windows 10 PCs and tablets to help people get things done2. Cortana is a personal assistant that learns a person’s preferences to provide pertinent recommendations, quick access to information, important reminders, and to direct your attention to what matters most. Interaction is natural and easy, orally or in writing, with advanced features to control Cortana for greater reliability and transparency.

The new “Project Spartan” browser puts the web at your service. Windows 10 will offer Microsoft’s new browser, called “Project Spartan,” which was designed with interoperability in mind. Thanks to key features originally built into the scanner, it will allow for greater reliability and better discovery. Some of the more advanced features of the browser are the ability to annotate using the keyboard or a pen directly on the web page and easily share them with friends; a distraction-free reading view, displaying the article in a simplified layout for a great online or offline reading experience of web articles; and Cortana integration to find and do things online faster. All of this is offered with a new look designed exclusively for Windows 10.

Xbox Live and the new Xbox app bring new gaming experiences to Windows 10. Xbox on Windows 10 allows gamers and developers to access the best of the growing Xbox Live gaming network on both Windows 10 PCs and Xbox One Players can capture, edit and share their best gaming moments with Game DVR, as well as try new games with friends across devices, connecting millions of gamers around the world. Games developed for the new DirectX 12 application programming interface in Windows 10 will feature improvements in speed, efficiency, and graphics capabilities. People will also be able to play games on their PCs and stream games directly from their Xbox One consoles to their Windows 10 PCs or tablets, within the home3.

Office for Windows 10. The universal Office apps in Windows 10 offer the first touch experience between devices. The new versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook were designed from the ground up to work on Windows with touch capabilities and to deliver the error-free Office experience that customers know and love. With the familiar features of Office, people can create and edit Word documents with ease. New inking features in PowerPoint allow people to annotate slides in real time, and Excel’s first new touch controls make it easy to create and update spreadsheets without using a keyboard or mouse . The new version of the Office desktop suite is also currently in development, so Microsoft will be rolling out more updates in the coming months.

Additional Windows 10 features and innovations shared today include the following:

Continuous mode: On 2-in-1 devices, Windows 10 will easily move between keyboard and mouse and touch and tablet mode by detecting the transition and easily switch to the new mode.

New universal applications. Windows 10 will offer applications with a new experience, uniform for all devices, for Photos, Videos, Music, Maps, Contacts, Messaging, Mail and Calendar. These built-in apps feature an updated design that looks and feels the same from app to app and device to device. Content is stored and synced using OneDrive, allowing people to start a task on one device and continue it on another.

“Everything about Windows 10 – the experiences, its delivery as a service and the free update) makes Windows 10 not just another product; it’s an ongoing relationship that will continue to deliver value to all of our customers, ”said Terry Myerson, executive vice president of Microsoft’s operating systems group. “The next generation of Windows is a commitment – a commitment to free people from complex technology and enable them to do great things.”

Windows 10: Driving Innovation, Inspiring New Computing Platforms

Windows 10 adapts to the devices customers use – from Xbox to PCs and phones to tablets and tiny gadgets – and what they do through a consistent, familiar, and compatible experience. Windows 10 works on a huge variety of devices: from the tiniest of sensors as part of the Internet of Things to the servers in data centers of companies around the world. Some devices have 4-inch screens, others have 80-inch screens, and there are some without a screen. This Wednesday, Microsoft introduced two devices that will allow customers to experience Windows in incredible new ways.

Windows 10 opens the door to a holographic future with Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft shared a revolutionary example of how Windows 10 enables a shift from the traditional computing machine centric view to an interaction that is much more personal and humanistic. Windows 10, the world’s first holographic computing platform, includes a number of APIs that allow developers to create real-world holographic experiences. With Windows 10, holograms are universal Windows applications, and all universal Windows applications can also function as holograms – they allow you to place three-dimensional holograms in the physical world that enable new, more personal and humane ways to communicate, create, and explore.

To demonstrate the possibilities of holograms in Windows 10, Microsoft introduced the world’s most advanced holographic computer. Microsoft HoloLens is the first unplugged holographic computer – no cables, phones, or PC connection required. Microsoft HoloLens includes spatial sound and clear, holographic high-definition lenses, so you can see and hear holograms in the world around you. Microsoft HoloLens includes advanced sensors, a state-of-the-art system on a chip, and the addition of an all-new holographic processing unit (HPU) that understands what you do and the world around you, can operate without any cables while processing terabytes of data from sensors in real time.

By placing three-dimensional holograms on the world around you, Microsoft HoloLens gives you a new view into your reality, which can distinguish what you are looking at and understand what you are saying with your hands and voice. By putting you at the center of the computing experience, Microsoft HoloLens enables you to create, access information, enjoy entertainment, and communicate in new and exciting ways.

New version of Microsoft Surface Hub optimizes Windows 10 experience for groups

Windows 10 powers a new big-screen device to help teams in the workplace share, think, and create together. Hardware innovations in multi-touch and digital ink, along with built-in sensors, microphones, and cameras, enable the Surface Hub to take advantage of Windows 10, Skype for Business and Office 365 to deliver a new experience designed to make each person (on site or remotely) feels as if they are in the same collaborative space. Specifically, the Surface Hub offers cutting-edge digital whiteboarding; instant remote conferencing; the ability for multiple people to share and edit content on the screen from a laptop, tablet, or phone; and a trusted platform for large-screen applications. Surface Hub, available in two sizes (55 ”and 84”), removes the current limitations of traditional conference room settings and enables teams to do their best work together.

The new Technical Preview for Windows 10 on PC will be available for free to Windows Insiders next week, while the phone version will be available for the first time at the end of February. For more information on the Windows Insider Program and Technical Previews, see

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