Winamp resurrects with Spotiamp the 'spiritual successor'

Winamp resurrects with Spotiamp the ‘spiritual successor’

December 26, 2013

Millions of users on the web were disappointed after the farewell to Winamp, the popular music player for computers, was announced. To alleviate the loss, Spotiamp has been created.

This would come to be the “spiritual successor” of the program since it is a tribute to the player by the music on demand service Spotify. The application totally recreates the interface and functionalities of Winamp. In this way, you can have an experience closer to what was experienced years ago.

Spotiamp can be downloaded only by users with a “premium” account, while those who use the service for free only have the traditional look available. Although Winamp is no longer in development, it can still be downloaded from its official website.

via Winamp resurrects with Spotiamp, the ‘spiritual successor’ | RPP NEWS.

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