Wikipedia adds a draft mode to save articles.

Wikipedia adds a draft mode to save articles.

December 27, 2013

Wikipedia has added a draft mode so that users can save the articles they are working on before publishing them. The platform has announced that although it is still “a very premature version”, it will add features to make it more functional.

Until now, when writing an article, you could not save an unfinished text, you had to publish it or leave it. In fact, currently 80% of new contributions to the encyclopedia are abandoned before they are sent.

Wikipedia has detected that a large number of articles in Spanish, English, French and Russian are eliminated before being published. The organization has clarified in its blog that with this form of immediate publication it intended to encourage editors to write quickly. Thus he managed to have the millions of articles that he has today, but, according to Wikipedia itself, “the project has matured in many ways” and needs “additional tools to create good articles.”

This new feature will be implemented in the English version first and will be available to both registered and anonymous users. The draft will show a preview of the edited page and will not be visible to the public.

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