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Why so much hardware?

September 12, 2014

This Tuesday, the Apple Event gave even more topic of conversation than it had generated with the previous commotion and the overload of rumors. It seems that, although they always surprise with their innovation in some areas, it has been one of the presentations in which the final products have most coincided with what the rumor mill had dropped. Leaving aside the Apple Watch, which will not go on sale until next year, the two new iPhone models have some dizzying hardware-level features. However, all the games of chance in William Hill could prove at any time that, today, it is not so necessary either.

The example comes from the fact that, some time ago, William Hill launched mobile applications for iOS and Android, so that it is already possible to play with real money from our smartphones through its apps to games such as blackjack or roulette, among others . But also, if your device uses another operating system, be it Blackberry, Windows or any other currently minority, you can also enjoy these features simply from its adapted mobile website. Not only is it compatible, but it also consumes very few resources. This is a simple example, but we could apply it in almost any category of applications.

There are always truly demanding users who are going to squeeze every feature of the new iPhone, although it will be difficult to use all of them. The point is that, indeed, we coveted the most powerful product, but most of us could continue to function without problems with a device whose characteristics were much lower, and is that today few apps require such refined requirements by part of our smartphones. It is easier for us to run out of space or battery than our terminal is not able to run the apps because it has insufficient processor or RAM to move the software.

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