Who were the footballers who ran the most in ...

Who were the footballers who ran the most in …

July 4, 2014

The king of work on the court is none other than the American Michael Bradley, a true roadrunner judging by official data. Although the United States were eliminated in the round of 16, while his team was in contention, Bradley was consistently the footballer who covered the most miles.

Criticized for his performance on the field, the midfielder has at least one argument in his defense, he did no less than 54.7 kilometers in four games. That makes him the hardest worker in Brazilian stadiums – if that’s what it means to be the one who travels the farthest.

Third on the mileage list is Jermaine Jones, putting two Americans in the top three.

Lahm, the footballer who travels the most distance with the ball, tries to overcome the American Bradley.

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The Chilean Marcelo Díaz is the second in this particular ranking that is measured without the need for footballers to carry any device.

In reality, it is a tracking with three high definition cameras that detect where the players and the ball are. The measurements are carried out by the American company STATS.

And of course, given the distance and the time used, it is easy to calculate the speed. In Brazil 2014, nobody beats Costa Rican Junior Díaz in a race. The fastest race in the World Cup was played by the Central American defender, who was able to reach 33.8 kilometers per hour.

In speed, he is followed by Serge Aurier from Ivorian, with 33.5 km / h, and with 33.1 by Uruguayan Álvaro Pereira and Argentine Gonzalo Higuaín.

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