When you see these messages on Facebook do not click ...

When you see these messages on Facebook do not click …

July 31, 2014

Have you seen Rihanna’s porn video? How many people visit your Facebook profile? Check which friends have deleted you… It is very likely that you have seen messages like these on your Facebook sometime. They are false. Not only that: if you click, you will probably end up downloading malware on your computer, mobile or tablet.

These types of messages are not very different from the blissful email spam of a lifetime, but now on social networks. With more than 1.3 billion users, Facebook has become the perfect place for these more or less sophisticated “social engineering” attacks.

Security firm Bitdefender has been making the list of the 10 most popular malicious messages on Facebook for some time and has now released an updated version. At number 1, by far, with 30.2% of all malicious links analyzed by Bitdefender (they do not offer a total sample number), there is one that promises to know how many visits your profile has. And like that, quite a few variations. We are all a bit narcissistic, but don’t sting yourself too.

Below, the list of the top-10, along with the percentage of malicious links out of the total identified by Bitdefender: When you see these messages on Facebook do not click: it is malware.

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