WhatsSpy Public an app that spies on you on WhatsApp

WhatsSpy Public an app that spies on you on WhatsApp

March 18, 2015

Although company spokespersons do not qualify it as a security failure, the truth is that WhatsSpy Public collects and allows anyone to see when you are connected, if you have been available before and the time of disconnection, in addition to any changes you have made lately. in your profile.

When WhatsApp allowed us to remove the last connection time from our profile, many rushed to erase the trace they left in the form of time. Then it was time for the double blue check that, for a few days, brought the most suspicious of their heads. After that first period of crisis and discomfort, thinking that we could never hide whether or not we read the messages, the instant messaging service owned by Facebook let us forget about the new tonality and we breathed easy again.

However, despite all the measures you take to hide the details of your digital life, much of the data you try to hide is still at the mercy of third parties. Even if you change your privacy settings, any interested snooper can find out when you go online.

WhatsApp knows of the existence of this crack since the end of last year; however, it has done nothing to cover it. Users are often unaware of this hole, so it has gone unnoticed.

Now, the Dutch Maikel Zweerink developed an application that allows you to easily monitor all the private information of any user: WhatsSpy Public.

The name may sound familiar to you because it resembles that of another tool, WhatsSpy, which claimed to have similar characteristics (or even more invasive) than WhatsSpy Public, but it turned out to be a fraud.

Even if you have disabled the option to show the time of your last connection, the new app indicates when you are connected, if you have been available before and the time of disconnection, in addition to any changes you have made recently in your profile.

The goal of Zweerink is not to provide meddlers with the perfect spying strategy, but to alert people to the serious risk to your privacy that WhatsApp has overlooked.

It all started as an experiment; He just wanted to create a ‘robot’ for his personal use, but realized that someone could use a similar tool to follow other people’s digital trails. Developing an app to show it openly seemed the best way to alert society.

Once the application is installed, all you have to do to view the information for any phone number is add it to contacts and open a chat window. It is not necessary to ask permission from the other person, who will not notice anything.

The ‘robot’ shows all the data in the window, as if the user had subscribed to the account of that other individual whose information interests him. For the most snoopers, the tool could be used to monitor all their contacts, although the Dutchman warns that his application is not made to support a large number of requests.

It may not be too serious that someone can tell whether or not you have connected in the last few hours, but Zweerink considers it a hoax that the privacy settings do not work as they should. The company would be giving a false sense of security to users by guaranteeing that no one can see certain when this is not the case.

The creator of the tool also warns that the use of this information may not only interest your contacts and acquaintances, but also certain companies. If some Internet companies use the trace you leave on the web (pages you visit, likes on social networks, etc.) to design personalized advertising campaigns, they could do something similar with the activity data on WhatsApp.

Recently, a company representative has responded to the Dutchman’s accusations by stating that it is not a security flaw, but that the Zweerink application only collects information that is there and that users can see anyway. The problem, according to the researcher, is precisely that: that they can see it.

Image: Gil C / Shutterstock.com

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