WhatsApp extends the free subscription for a month ...

WhatsApp extends the free subscription for a month …

February 6, 2014

WhatsApp introduces the subscription model for new users in iOSWhatsApp has always been paid, although at the time it was a very unpopular measure, we all thought that it was something out of the question and that little by little the waters returned to their course, however a curious notice in a terminal whose license of WhatsApp put us on alert. It was just yesterday, while we were trying to access WhatsApp from an Android terminal whose subscription had expired, when we saw a message that indicated:

Your WhatsApp subscription has expired.

As a courtesy, we have extended your service until 03/07/2014

Please consider paying for your WhatsApp account

And we automatically had one more month of subscription without having paid. Having observed this fact, we wonder if the paid subscription system is really working and if the appearance of new players in the market, such as LINE or Telegram, has something to do with it.

via WhatsApp allows you not to pay by extending the subscription for a month.

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