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February 23, 2015

Security in electronic commerce has become a very important aspect for Venezuelans, who increasingly use this way of buying to save time, transfers and find the best prices; However, for this experience to be positive, some recommendations should be taken into account to avoid e-commerce scams.

Alejandro Vera, general manager of Linio Venezuela, an online store with more than two years in the country, advises: “The first thing to consider is to use a secure Internet connection, preferably from home or office, if you are going to dialing the personal password, avoid connecting through public wireless networks (wi-fi). Data can be captured by cybercriminals. Also, the equipment must be protected with recognized and updated antivirus ”, Vera commented.

Then the ideal thing is to buy in well-known and reputable web portals “For example, in Linio Venezuela, we have invested in the best technology and tools to guarantee the security of electronic transactions. We have an anti-fraud unit that is responsible for detecting irregularities in the purchase and sale of items, validating and monitoring transactions. This guarantees us that there are no scams ”, highlighted Alejandro Vera.

Likewise, it is important to verify the legality of the suppliers behind the store, in this sense Vera stated: “At Linio we are responsible to the consumer, we have a hunting department that looks for companies with a track record, legal structure in order, serious , responsible and with inventories to supply the demand, in this way we guarantee that the customer’s money will be in good hands and that they will receive a quality product ”.

In the same way, it is vital to check the conditions of the purchase by reviewing the characteristics of the product, the available payment methods, the delivery times, the exchange and return policies, as well as the contacts in case it is necessary to process any subsequent claim.

Another aspect that the Venezuelan consumer is concerned about is the price paid for the product, in relation to this, Vera indicated: “We have a unit to evaluate the prices of suppliers and the market, which guarantees compliance with the law in this matter ”.

Regarding security in the office, it is recommended to look for delivery options via couriers, to avoid making risky appointments with strangers.

In the case of Linio, Vera explained that they monitor the purchase from start to finish, through their Customer Service department that has a call center, email, or live chat on the website www. linio.com.ve, so that the buyer can monitor their shipment, make requests or clarify their doubts, and if an eventuality arises. Additionally, in case of disagreement, the product can be returned, which is free, or the refund of money, product exchange or consumer voucher can be made.

Law on the doorstep

Regarding the Electronic Commerce Bill, Alejandro Vera commented that it is an interesting initiative, since: “It is necessary to regulate the e-commerce sector in Venezuela to protect both users and entrepreneurs in this matter. Linio participated in the public consultation on the project ”.

“In this sense, my final recommendation is to buy from a website endorsed by the Venezuelan Chamber of Electronic Commerce and that has participated in the construction of this bill that will protect against cyber scams,” concluded Vera.

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