What hard drive to buy?

What hard drive to buy?

January 23, 2014

hard drivesThe study carried out by the cloud backup company Backblaze revolves around this question. Specifically, it is based on tests carried out on the more than 25,000 hard drives they use, it focuses on three of the main companies in this world (Hitachi, Western Digital and Seagate), and shows which of them have the most reliable products. taking into account the number of annual failures of the same and the average of failures suffered when they are in operation.

So this is a fairly complete and reliable study, the main conclusions of which are the following:

– Hitachi brand hard drives are the most reliable as both the 2 TB and the 3 and 4 TB have an annual failure rate of less than 2%

– Those from Western Digital also behave quite well, their annual failure rate being below 4% on 1 and 3 TB hard drives

– And Seagate’s are by far the worst. In the case of 1.5 TB hard drives the annual failure rate shoots up to 14%, in those of 3 TB it remains at 9% and in those of 4 TB it drops to 3%

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