What happens if a drone is sucked into the motor of a ...

What happens if a drone is sucked into the motor of a …

March 11, 2015

Bird collisions are a very serious threat to global air traffic. It is estimated that the damages produced by this type of encounter amount to 1,200 million dollars annually. Unfortunately, birds are not the only threat soaring in modern skies. There is a new one that can be worse: drones

Drones are quite a fragile device and a direct collision likely caused less damage than a bird the same size. The worst possible case is that the drone is sucked into one of the motors. George Morse, founder of Failure Analysis Service Technology, He explains it like this to IEEE Spectrum:

In such a case, the drone would hit the edge of the turbine blades and would probably be reduced to small pieces. The turbine or propeller itself would not be damaged. There is a chance that the engine could be irreversibly damaged, but it doesn’t have to. It’s just amazing how tough those motors are.

via What happens if a drone is absorbed by the engine of an airplane ?.

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