What happened to the Facebook co-pilot Andreas ...

What happened to the Facebook co-pilot Andreas …

March 26, 2015

Thanks to his page, several details of his life have come to light and it has even been possible to draw a slight profile of his way of being and even access photos, like this one:

Andreas Lubitz

Some journalists were particularly quick and consulted the Facebook profile, to learn details of the co-pilot’s private life, such as that he led an active life, ran the half marathon in a good time and showed interest in pop music and nightclubs .

However, Facebook will no longer serve as a source of information about Lubitz, his likes, his problems or the reasons that could have led him to do what he did, since since this Thursday morning, the profile is not active. However, Facebook will probably be required by the investigation to elucidate Lubitz’s personality on social media.

Why? Has anyone requested to close the page? Perhaps a relative? It can be, but not necessarily. Currently, when Facebook knows of the death of one of its users, it freezes their profile and that is probably what may have happened with Lubitz’s.

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