What can you post on Facebook and what can't?

What can you post on Facebook and what can’t?

March 17, 2015

Facebook continues to specify everything that can or cannot be commented on or uploaded on its website, with a renewed section that it hopes will make everything clearer and avoid possible controversies. The social network addresses its users to () explain to them what content has no place within its borders, such as nudity, terrorism or language that incites hatred.

The Facebook team also wanted to clarify that there is the possibility of reporting all publications that are considered inappropriate and alter the rules. If so, the user only has to click on the “Report” button. Of course, that does not guarantee its removal from Facebook. They also point out that there is the possibility of controlling what you want to see or not, in this way you can hide the updates of certain people, pages or applications that are offensive.

via Facebook: What content can you post and what can’t?

Image: baranq via Shutterstock

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