Websites that scam you to watch the matches of ...

Websites that scam you to watch the matches of …

June 23, 2014

A survey published by YuMe says that computers are the most used device for streaming video of the World Cup matches, with 33%, while tablets occupy 22 percent of the cases, compared to phones. smart with 11%.

This is in addition to the fact that most of the games are being broadcast during business hours, and as a result, many fans turn to the web to watch their favorite games live. However, cybercriminals know that the World Cup represents a great opportunity to deceive people, steal their money and infect their computers, and they have adjusted their tactics to make the most of this world-wide event.

When users enter fraudulent sites, they may ask them to download a special plug-in that works for all browsers. It is supposed to be the player that is needed to watch the live broadcast of the matches but in reality it is an Adware program that will not play anything and drain the resources of the computer.

via Alert of fake websites that scam you with money to watch the World Cup matches | OhMyGeek !.

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