Weapons made with 3D printing are a real threat ...

Weapons made with 3D printing are a real threat …

August 21, 2014

In theory, anyone with a 3D printer can ‘print a gun’. That is a difficult idea to assimilate that little by little poses a real security risk. A weapon made of plastic and that can be armed at any time, is a danger for any airport or flight, since it does not activate the alarms of the metal detectors, so new security measures must be taken.

Just over a year ago the world’s first weapon created using 3D printing was unveiled, and since then the models have evolved and been refined. They may not be weapons 100% comparable to a traditional metal one, but without a doubt that in many they can cause damage, injuries and technically even the death of an individual.

So while 3D printing is a wonderful thing, weapons created using this technique and technology could soon be a real safety hazard. Because in many countries there are limitations to buy weapons, as in the United Kingdom or in Venezuela, since in the latter for some years there has been no legal way to buy a weapon, nor armories; firearms have been absolutely banned for ordinary citizens.

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