We want to explore space but we barely know 5 ...

We want to explore space but we barely know 5 …

January 7, 2018

If we used a giant excavator and filled the ocean floor with all the protruding land forming the continents, the Earth would still be covered with a mass of water 3,200 meters deep. Not surprisingly, the planet is already covered by 75% water.

Image by Kristina Vackova via Shutterstock

The world record for freediving is 214 meters. The same record, but with oxygen, is at 332 meters. From 100 meters, diving begins to be a really dangerous activity if we are not careful with decompression. Even blue whales don’t venture more than half a kilometer underwater. Beyond twice that distance, the light no longer comes and everything is covered in perpetual darkness.

This is what you will find if you descend to the center of the Earth. It is interesting because it uses very accurate references to get us an idea of ​​how incredibly deep the ocean is.

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