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March 19, 2015

Meerkat, the latest idea that tries to revolutionize social networks, is an application that allows you to make live videos with just an iPhone, in streaming, through Twitter.

Until now, when someone attended an event or an event and wanted to share it on the social network, or wrote it or uploaded a photo. To upload a video you had to upload it to another application and then share it.

Now, Meerkat allows each person to be a kind of camera operator who broadcasts his life live.

The use seems simple. Download the application, log into your Twitter account, put a name to what you want to share and press “Stream”. Then a tweet will be posted on your wall with the broadcast. When the broadcast ends, it disappears from the network, although it gives you the option to save it on the user’s device.

On February 27, it was uploaded to the Apple Store and the success was immediate. In just 13 days the application got more than 120,000 users.

Since Saturday, Twitter has cut off access to this information. The only way to know if someone is broadcasting is to see the tweet that announces it.

The social network does not recognize any maneuver to hinder Meerkat nor has it given many explanations about it.

However, the same day that he made this decision, he announced the purchase of Periscope, an application in the testing phase that is aimed at doing the same.

via Meerkat, the app Twitter fears.

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