Volvo works on a 360-degree vision to foresee ...

Volvo works on a 360-degree vision to foresee …

October 8, 2014

With a name as descriptive as “Non-Hit Car and Truck”, the project bases its operation on a 360-degree view from the vehicle. For this, they will use a good portion of sensors, cameras, GPS, lidar radars, and communication systems between vehicles.

Volvo’s most important job does not seem to be making every single element work, but creating an operations center that overlaps and brings together all the information at high speed. So much so that you can predict things five seconds in advance.

In short, a lot of elements are aware of what surrounds our traffic, in real time – every 25 milliseconds – and will try to assess possible impacts as quickly as possible. If the driver does not respond to system alerts, the braking or steering may work automatically.

via Volvo works on a 360 degree vision to prevent accidents.

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