VivoTab Note 8 una tablet Windows con lapicito

VivoTab Note 8 a Windows tablet with pen

January 7, 2014

VivoTab Note 8 a Windows tablet with pen

It is an 8-inch model that is characterized by having a stylus (pointer) and by incorporating Windows 8.1 on an Atom processor. It is the first device of these characteristics presented by the Taiwanese company Asus. Far from being a surprise, he had been waiting for some time for such a product to be incorporated into his product range.

The stylus is handy for taking notes, drawing and other tasks where the precision of this device allows you to work more comfortably than touching the screen with your finger. The built-in digitizer is Wacom brand. Although the exact model of digitizer that it incorporates has not been indicated, it is specified that it is capable of detecting 1,000 different pressure points with the pointer.

via Asus presents VivoTab Note 8, a Windows tablet with a pointer –

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