Virgin spacecraft crashed due to failure in ...

Virgin spacecraft crashed due to failure in …

November 3, 2014

The experimental spacecraft of Virgin galactic disintegrated in flight over California’s Mojave Desert because the ship’s descent device was deployed prematurely. It’s what federal investigators say.

The system requires a two-step process. The copilot opened the system but, according to Hart, the second stage was carried out without anyone “ordering it”. Hart has said the investigation is looking at possible pilot error and mechanical failures among other things.

Co-pilot Michael Alsbury, 39, has died and mission pilot Peter Siebold, 43, is receiving treatment at a hospital for serious injuries after parachuting.

Virgin galactic

The Virgin Galactic space tourism company, owned by Richard Branson, plans to take passengers to a height of more than 62 kilometers above the Earth. The company sells each seat on the flight for $ 250,000.

Despite the controversy that arose after the SpaceShipTwo crashed and concerns about the technology used, Virgin Galactic goes ahead with its space tourism plans and he thinks he could have a new ship ready to fly in 2015.

Virgin’s spacecraft crashed due to a landing device failure.

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