Video on demand is eating television ...

Video on demand is eating television …

July 3, 2014

philips_8000_seriesNielsen has published an interesting study, called More of what we want, where they capture a set of interesting statistics about new content consumption habits. Many different points of view highlighting how video on demand is gaining ground on traditional broadcasting, with enormous growth in the last year in the United States.

Specifically, Nielsen states that 60% of American households already have a subscription to some video on demand service, and 41% some subscription service. Referring to age groups, minors (between 2 and 17 years old) consume the most content of this type, followed by young adults (18-49 years old) who prefer to record the programs and watch them in the following week. its emission.

philips-ifa2009According to Nielsen data, the United States has seen a 15-20% growth in the use of video-on-demand services in the last year.

Although the race continues to be favorable for traditional live broadcasts, a third of the content is already consumed on a delayed basis, either by recording and viewing it within seven days or directly on demand, through the many services available. One of the reasons for this increase is found in SmartTVs, which have doubled their availability in homes: 5,166 million in 2013 compared to 10,212 million in 2014.

via This is how video on demand on the Internet is eating up the usual live TV.

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