[Video] of the Venezuelan doctor who fights against ma ...

[Video] of the Venezuelan doctor who fights against ma …

June 29, 2014

Venezuelan doctor fights against malaria and mosquitoes with a subcutaneous implantCarlos Chaccour, a Venezuelan doctor, coordinator of the Malaria Mission, says that the idea began to mature in his travels to areas affected by malaria in Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil that border the Amazon.

The implant contains ivermectin, a “safe and widely used” medicine in the tropics to control various parasitic diseases, which is released over a long period of time in the wearer and causes mosquitoes to die when bitten. The goal is to kill the mosquitoes that carry the parasite that causes malaria.

According to data from the World Health Organization (WHO), 200 million people fall ill with malaria every year and nearly 700,000 die from the same cause.

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