[Video] of the teenager who devised a system for car ...

[Video] of the teenager who devised a system for car …

January 17, 2015

Angelo Casimiro, a 15-year-oldAngelo Casimiro, a 15-year-old young man, designed a shoe-integrated system that generates enough energy when walking to charge a smartphone.

Casimiro has devised a system based on piezoelectric discs that generate a small electrical current when subjected to tension. Integrated into the sole of the shoe, and connected to each other, these discs produce enough voltage to charge a portable USB battery.

The young man has developed a functional prototype from components as common as the diodes contained in energy-saving light bulbs.

For now, the power of the prototype allows you to charge a smartphone for 10 minutes after two hours walking at a good pace. It is little, but Casimiro’s idea is to tune the components, and extend the piezoelectric discs to the entire sole of the shoe to generate more current.

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