[Video] of the smart soccer ball that integrates ...

[Video] of the smart soccer ball that integrates …

June 28, 2014

Adidas announced their new miCoach Smart BallSports equipment manufacturer Adidas announced its new miCoach Smart Ball, which integrates sensors to help the user measure their shots and improve their technique when playing soccer.

Inside the ball there is a set of suspended sensors that determine the type of shot that the user performs and analyze the movement of the ball as it moves through the air. The information is sent via Bluetooth to an iPhone or iPod touch that indicates the place where the ball was kicked, the speed it obtained, the angle and the trajectory.

The mobile application also has a series of tutorials created for the user to improve their technique, as well as a competitive mode that challenges the user to replicate certain shots, such as kicking the ball to make angles and effects achieved by professional players.

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