[Video] from Xiaomi the Chinese Samsung but cheaper

[Video] from Xiaomi the Chinese Samsung but cheaper

June 21, 2014

SmartTV Xiaomi menu in ChineseSince its inception, the Chinese company Xiaomi has aspired to compete with the big companies in the world of telephony and has achieved it at least in its native country. Time passes and Xiaomi continues to diversify its business by introducing new products to go further.

Now it has presented two: a new category for them, tablets and a second generation of televisions. China is the main driver of UHD 4K TV sales in the world and will undoubtedly continue to do so with the release of models like the Xiaomi Mi TV 2 with UHD 4K for only $ 640. 30% lighter than its predecessor and 16mm thick …

Xiaomi has created a TV with a modern design that has nothing to envy other manufacturers.

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