Even more serious vulnerabilities are discovered in ...

Very serious security hole compromises two thirds …

April 9, 2014

The Heartbleed BugThey have dubbed it ‘The Heartbleed Bug’ (the hole of the bled heart) and affects almost everything that travels encrypted on the Internet: secure access to webs to buy or make arrangements with the administration, passwords and credit card numbers stored in large and small network businesses, email and online messaging with secure connections, “cookies” that store confidential information, virtual private networks.

Everything is susceptible to being decrypted by a hypothetical attacker who, to top it all, will not leave any trace on the attacked computers. It is the computer failure of the year, perhaps of the decade, and very possibly it will take time to be solved, since it affects millions of servers.

via A very serious security hole compromises two-thirds of the Internet | Technology | THE WORLD.

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