Venezuela’s Internet is the slowest in South America

August 26, 2014

The region far exceeds, on average, 5 Mbps on an average connection. However, and despite the good health of the South American Internet, there are great differences between the ten countries that we consider for this analysis. While Uruguay with an average connection 20Mbps and Chile, with an average connection 13.15 Mbps, lead the ranking of South America, we note how Venezuela is openly lagging behind in terms of Internet access speed.

The country averages 1.7 Mbps of average speed, the lowest in South America. Above Venezuela are Bolivia, with 1.85Mbps of average speed and Paraguay with 3.51Mbps of average broadband speed.

Alarming indicator especially because it is directly related to the competitiveness of the country, the economic and cultural growth of Venezuelans.

Via Internet in Venezuela is the slowest in South America.

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